Ass.-Prof. Dr. Kathrin Gerling (05. März)

Immersive Technology in Sensitive Settings: A Brave New World?

Inhalt des Vortrags: Virtual Reality offers the opportunity to craft experiences that immerse humans in increasingly responsive and realistic virtual worlds. In my talk, I will discuss challenges and opportunities when leveraging Virtual Reality in sensitive settings: Can a VR simulation encourage expecting parents to reflect on the experience of breastfeeding? Is VR gaming an opportunity for people who use wheelchairs to engage in sports that they cannot access in the real world? Building on these two examples, I will discuss physical and emotional risks for users, touch upon the responsibility of researchers working in this space, and I will outline implications for our development and evaluation processes as we move toward a (brave) new world of fully immersive, believable virtual experiences.

Über Ass.-Prof. Dr. Kathrin Gerling: Kathrin Gerling is Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at KU Leuven, Belgium, and she is part of the e-Media Research Lab (https://iiw.kuleuven.be/onderzoek/emedia/home). Her work broadly falls into Human-Computer Interaction and Accessibility, and explores how interactive technologies including Digital Games and Virtual Reality can be leveraged to support well-being. After studying at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Kathrin received a PhD from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and held a faculty position at the University of Lincoln in the UK.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schneegaß (06. März)




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